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+Met Gala's AI Twist: Katy Perry Deepfake

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Dive into how AI is taking center stage at Meta, and see how the Met Gala stunned attendees with a Katy Perry deepfake. Join us as we explore these thrilling developments in digital media and entertainment!
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  • AI Steals the Show: Katy at the Gala

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  AI is making its mark on Meta

Simplifying Ad Creation
Meta Platforms is set to expand its advertising capabilities with new AI-driven tools. By the end of this year, advertisers will be able to automatically generate diverse images and text overlays for their ads.

Focus on Safety
In an interesting move, Meta will test these tools without the usual AI-generated image watermarks, prioritizing user safety and content integrity.

Ad Labeling Under Review
John Hegeman, Meta's head of monetisation, noted that the company is still finalizing how these ads will be labeled. Guidelines are expected before these tools become broadly available.

Key Features of the New Tools

  • Automated Image and Text Creation: Advertisers can easily modify images of products and integrate compelling text to enhance ad impact.

  • Labeling Guidelines in Progress: Meta is developing clear guidelines for ad labeling to maintain transparency.

  • Efficiency and Security: The updates aim to streamline ad creation while protecting privacy and brand identity.

Exclusions and Precautions

  • Limited Sectors: These tools won't be available for political advertising, reflecting caution in sensitive areas.

  • Brand Safety Concerns: With brand integrity in mind, some restrictions are being placed on how uploaded images can be used to prevent misuse.

Creative Relief
These new features could give creative teams more time to relax, as the AI handles the routine tasks of ad creation.

Inspired by Google
Meta's initiative mirrors Google's earlier move to enhance AI in advertising, including new watermarking technology for better security.

AI in Advertising - What's Your Take?

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 AI Steals the Show: Katy at the Gala

AI Takes the Stage at the Met Gala

  • This Monday, the Met Gala showcased stars like Zendaya and Chris Hemsworth.

  • The real buzz? Katy Perry, notable for her absence, appeared through AI-generated images fitting this year’s "Garden of Time" theme.

AI's Convincing Creations

  • One AI image depicted Perry in a cream gown with moss details, though it missed the mark on some background details.

  • A more accurate portrayal featured her in a greenery-adorned corset, perfectly matching the event’s carpet.

The Power of AI: Real Enough to Fool a Mother

  • The images were so lifelike that Perry's mother complimented her on her look, only to learn the truth from Katy herself.

The Implications of AI in Media

  • These instances highlight AI's ability to create realistic yet fictional visuals, prompting discussions about digital authenticity.

  • As AI-generated content becomes more common, the importance of scrutinizing digital media grows.

Looking Ahead: AI at Next Year's Gala?

  • With AI's increasing presence, who knows? Next year's gala might just be AI-attended!

GPT of the Day

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 Quick Hits

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Pixel 8A launches at $499 with advanced AI, a brighter 120Hz display, and seven years of software support.

Hades 2 launches in Early Access, praised for supporting indie game development.

Google simplifies two-step verification setup with new secure options.

AI Tools for Productivity

Gigabrain streamlines Reddit research, summarizing key discussions in Google search results.

ExplainIt turns your documents into interactive chatbots powered by ChatGPT in seconds. creates personalized listening experiences with AI-generated voice avatars.

Podwise enhances podcasts with AI features like transcription, summarization, and visual mapping. matches users with job openings and submits applications for them.

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