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+Microsoft Unveils GPT-4 Rival

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Today's buzz: 'Grok Delivers Your News' transforms how we consume media, and 'Microsoft Unveils GPT-4 Rival' redefines AI dynamics. Explore these groundbreaking shifts in technology!
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Today’s Insights

  • Grok: Your New Go-To for News Delivery

  • Microsoft is rumored to be crafting its own cutting-edge AI model

  • GPT of the Day

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  • Latest AI tools to boost your productivity

  • AI-Generated Image

Grok: Your New Go-To for News Delivery

Grok Delivers the News: Introducing AI Summaries for Premium Users

  • X has rolled out a new AI-powered feature for its Premium subscribers called "Grok's Stories."

  • Developed using Elon Musk’s AI chatbot, Grok, this feature simplifies staying informed by providing quick, AI-generated summaries of trending news directly in the app's Explore section.

Simplified Content Discovery

  • On the "For You" page, Grok's Stories showcases tailored news and stories, aligning with user interests and network relevance.

  • This section also suggests additional content, enhancing user engagement without the need to scroll endlessly.

Enhanced Browsing with AI

  • Grok’s Stories is designed to make the latest news more accessible, offering concise overviews of the most talked-about topics.

  • Available exclusively to Premium users, this feature adds significant value to paid subscriptions by integrating advanced AI capabilities.

Automation Meets User Interaction

  • The transition to AI-generated content promises consistent updates and unique interactions with news trends.

  • Users are encouraged to verify the accuracy of AI summaries, promoting a balanced approach to the new technology.

Get the Real Scoop

  • Forget sifting through countless opinions; Grok's AI gives you the straight facts on what's trending online.

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Microsoft is rumored to be crafting its own cutting-edge AI model

Microsoft Steps into the AI Arena with MAI-1: Introducing MAI-1
Microsoft is taking a giant leap into advanced AI with its new model, MAI-1. This model is set to match, if not exceed, the capabilities of today's top AI technologies like OpenAI's GPT-4.

Leadership and Innovation
Mustafa Suleyman, a renowned AI expert with roots in DeepMind and Inflection AI, has joined Microsoft to lead this ambitious project. His expertise signals Microsoft's serious commitment to competing in AI.

Strategic Moves
Microsoft's venture into large-scale AI models marks a significant shift from its earlier focus on smaller AI technologies. With heavy investments in Azure, its cloud platform, Microsoft not only supports AI development but also enables other companies to train their own AI models.

Upcoming Announcements
Keep an eye out for Microsoft's annual Build conference later this month, where MAI-1 might officially be unveiled.

Microsoft and OpenAI: A Shifting Alliance?
Microsoft has been a key investor in OpenAI, gaining exclusive rights to use OpenAI's GPT technologies. How will Microsoft's new direction impact this partnership? Only time will tell if the two giants can maintain their alliance while competing for AI supremacy.

GPT of the Day

Explore the most amazing GPTs and be amazed by the unexpected things ChatGPT can do….

Tech Support Advisor by ChatGPT

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 Quick Hits

X will employ Grok AI to provide concise summaries of news from its personalized Explore tab.

At this year’s Met Gala, guests can interact with a digital 1930s socialite, Natalie Potter, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4.

Stanford's Fei-Fei Li is developing a visual-based AI capable of performing complex reasoning tasks.

Warren Buffett recently expressed concern that deepfakes are now so advanced, he could be deceived by an AI-generated video of himself.

YouTube Premium is introducing a new AI feature that allows users to skip directly to a video’s most-watched section.

AI Tools for Productivity

Spline AI is an AI-driven 3D modeling tool for creating animations and textures.

Fotor is an online platform for enhancing photos with various tools and effects.

Brevian lets users build custom AI agents for automating business tasks without coding. transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes meeting conversations.

EverArt allows users to generate and manage digital artwork using AI.

Find art inspiration by using this prompt in your favorite image generator.

surreal cartoon-style 3D papercut of [America] skyline at sunrise, featuring realistic landscapes, soft colors, detailed shading, and swirling vortexes, traditional yet vibrant. 

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