OpenAI Founder: Gone

+Claude 3 Debuts in EU, iOS Ready

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Big news in the tech sphere! OpenAI is in the spotlight as its founder makes a sudden and mysterious exit, leaving the community buzzing with speculation. In parallel, the EU and iOS users are greeting the highly anticipated debut of Claude 3—ushering in a new era of AI interaction. Stay tuned as we uncover the impact of these pivotal moments and their potential to reshape the technological landscape!
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  • End of an Era: Ilya Sutskever Exits OpenAI

  • Claude 3 Expands to EU and iOS Platforms

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End of an Era: Ilya Sutskever Exits OpenAI

Ilya Sutskever Leaves OpenAI 

In a surprising turn of events, Ilya Sutskever, a key figure and co-founder at OpenAI, has decided to leave the company. This decision comes after a notable period of nearly a decade, during which he played a critical role in shaping the future of AI technologies.

Background to His Departure

The departure follows a turbulent period six months ago when Sutskever was involved in an unsuccessful effort to remove CEO Sam Altman. His exit was confirmed via a social media announcement, where he also expressed his ongoing belief in the potential of OpenAI.

OpenAI’s Current Standing 

OpenAI continues to thrive, now valued at over $80 billion. The company remains a strong competitor in the AI industry, thanks in part to recent major updates and its ongoing partnership with Microsoft.

Contributions and Next Steps 

Sutskever has been instrumental in the development of generative AI technologies, which have significantly propelled OpenAI's success. With his departure, Jakub Pachocki is set to take over as chief scientist. Meanwhile, Sutskever hinted at embarking on a new project, the details of which are yet to be unveiled.

Reflections and Future 

Despite the past challenges, Sutskever leaves behind a legacy of innovation and commitment to developing AI that aligns with human interests. His move raises questions about the future direction of OpenAI and what his next steps will be in the evolving landscape of AI.

Is There Trouble at OpenAI?

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  Claude 3 Expands to EU and iOS Platforms

Claude Reaches European Shores

We’re thrilled to share that Anthropic’s popular chatbot, Claude, is finally accessible in Europe! Previously, European users could only reach Claude via VPN or API, but now, it’s just a click away.

Claude for iOS Users

Claude is now available as an iOS app in the Apple App Store, making it easier for iPhone users to enjoy its capabilities on the go.

New Business Features

For businesses, Anthropic introduces a new team plan offering higher usage limits and enhanced management features.

Updated Terms and Policies

Anthropic has also updated its terms of service and privacy policies. The Irish subsidiary, Anthropic Ireland Limited, is now the data controller for users in the EEA, UK, and Switzerland. Additionally, the data retention period is now 30 days, with Amazon Web Services added as a sub-processor.

Stay tuned for more updates and happy chatting with Claude!

GPT of the Day

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 Quick Hits

Elon Musk plans to build a data center there for Tesla’s self-driving AI, while other US AI companies leave China.

Sony Music Group sent 700 letters to AI startups, forbidding the use of its artists’ music to train new models.

Gannett, owner of USA Today, will start adding AI-generated summaries to some articles.

TikTok is testing hour-long videos on its platform.

Reddit made a deal with OpenAI. OpenAI can train its models with Reddit's content. In return, Reddit can use ChatGPT to create new AI features.

AI Tools for Productivity

Canvas: Transform product photos into stunning visuals in minutes; get 40 images free, no credit card needed.

DoDoBoo: Ignite kids' creativity by turning doodles into stunning artworks, safe and user-friendly.

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The Wright brothers taking their first flight at Kitty Hawk

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